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Miraculous Maids was established in March of 2021 to help provide homeowners in our local community with superior cleaning services.

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Residential Maid Services Your Home Deserves

Our clients spend quality time with their friends and family while maintaining a consistently clean home! Discover the benefits of hiring our Miraculous maids for your house cleaning services below!

Thorough cleaning
No cleaning supplies needed!
More free time
Packages determined by cleaning needs
Our Miraculous

Reoccurring Maid Services

Are you searching for an Edmonton maid service that is thorough, consistent, and dependable? Look no further! Our team at Miraculous Maids is happy to provide our residential clients with the cleaning services their homes require. Whether this is kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, floor cleaning, dusting, dishes, or other specific tasks, our team has a variety of residence cleaning services available.
Which of our sparkling cleaning packages works best for you and your family? Depending on your cleaning needs, our team at Miraculous Maids recommends either our Sparkle or Lil Spark residential cleaning packages! These two options were designed with care by our team for busy homeowners looking for some additional help to maintain the look and feel of their homes.

Lil Spark 

This residential cleaning service is a thorough cleaning of the areas of your home that need to be most frequently addressed, your bathrooms and floors! If you’re looking to add more time to your schedule by shortening your list, this is the package for you! Discover the cleaning options of this sparkling package today.


The Sparkle

This deep cleaning service is a complete top to bottom cleaning for your home. Focusing particularly on the larger projects around your home such as your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and dusting, this is the perfect maid service for those who don’t have the time or energy to provide this extent of cleaning on a regular basis.
Interested in learning more about the details of this sparkling package? Check out its page or call our team today at 780-702-5387 for more information!


Residential properties hold a special place in our business here at Miraculous Maids. Our local Edmonton cleaning company understands that we are working in your home, and we want to treat it with the care and respect that it deserves. All our professional cleaners are trained and frequently evaluated to ensure that our Miraculous Maids continue to provide the superior cleaning services we are known for.  


If you are interested in getting some deep cleaning done in your home, call our team today to get your free quote for our cleaning services in Edmonton and to check our availability.


02 Deep Cleaning Services

What We Do

Reoccurring maid services are the perfect cleaning solution if you’re looking for a consistently clean home. With either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning packages available, this maid service was designed for residential homeowners to spend more time doing the things that they love to do and less time worrying about cleaning their house.

Looking to hire a maid in your local area? Our team at Miraculous Maids is ready to add you to our cleaning list! Connect with our team today to find out how easy it is to get your home cleaned.
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