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Miraculous Maids was established in March of 2021 to help provide homeowners in our local community with superior cleaning services.

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At Miraculous Maids, we understand that every house has unique cleaning needs. That's why we offer tailored home cleaning services for each client.

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Why Recurring Maid Service?

Easily Enjoy a Clean Home Every Day!

There's nothing better than returning from a hard day at work or a long day out with your family to a spotlessly clean home. Discover how easy it is to keep your home consistently clean with a professional house cleaning service in Calgary. Start enjoying today!

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Our dedicated maids, with years of experience in the cleaning industry, utilize tried-and-true techniques that will leave your home sparkling clean and transformed in no time.

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Tired of searching for a dependable local maid service? Let Miraculous Maids take the challenge out of cleaning! Our exceptional team is here to make your life easier.

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Recurring House Cleaning

Maid Service in Calgary

Looking for a reliable maid service in Calgary? Miraculous Maids is here to assist! We offer detailed and consistent cleaning tailored to the needs of our residential clients. Whether you need weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings, our Miraculous Maids are ready to help with options like The Sparkle or Lil Sparkle cleanings, meticulously designed for busy homeowners who need extra assistance in maintaining their home’s comfort and appeal.

Lil Sparkle

This residential cleaning service focuses on a thorough cleaning of your home’s bathrooms and floors—areas that require regular attention! This package is for you if you want to add more time to your schedule by shortening your to-do list. Check out the cleaning services included in this sparkling package today. Depending on your needs, we offer this package on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. 


The Sparkle

You will receive an in-depth cleaning of your home from top to bottom with this service. For those who do not have the time or energy to provide this level of cleaning on a regular basis, this project focuses especially on high traffic areas in your home such as your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and dusting. Depending on your needs, we can provide this package on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis. 


Our Guarantee

Miraculous Maids holds a special place in our business when it comes to servicing residential homes. At our Calgary-based cleaning service, we recognize that we care for your home and treat it with the utmost respect. Our professional cleaners are thoroughly trained and regularly assessed to ensure they uphold the high standards of excellence that Miraculous Maids is known for, ensuring top-notch cleaning every time. For more information on the cost of recurring maid services, reach out to our team today by calling 587-330-5741. 

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Cleaning Services


Maid Service

The Sparkle

Recurring Services

  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Garbages
  • And more!

Cleaning Visit

Deep Sparkle

One-Time Cleaning

  • Appliance Cleaning
  • Light Fixtures &
    Ceiling Fans
  • Wall Washing
  • Windows & Blinds
  • And more!

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

Moving Sparkle

One-Time Cleaning

  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Blinds Cleaning
  • And more!