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Miraculous Maids: Top 5 Cleaning Tips


Miraculous Maids

Each home and the families that live in it are different. Therefore, each property will have its own unique cleaning needs and requirements. Our team at Miraculous Maids understands this, so we offer our residential clients a customized cleaning experience! 

What are some of our tried and true cleaning tips to give your home the custom cleaning it deserves? Easy! From completing your cleaning room by room or tackling one task at a time until everything is free of grime, mildew, and dust, this cleaning motivation will get you in the mood to want to clean your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and every other corner in your home to look just like new. Check it out below!

  1. Clean how you like to clean!
    • Not every homeowner wants to clean their property from top to bottom, and that’s okay! However, there is no shame in hiring a cleaning job at a local cleaning company that you don’t like to complete. So whether this is all of your cleanings and you’re searching for maid services in Edmonton or if you’re looking for just specific areas of your home with a one-time residential cleaning service, our team at Miraculous Maids has you covered.

      If you’re looking to tackle your cleaning needs on your own, that’s awesome! However, we still recommend cleaning how you like to clean. Some prefer cleaning in the morning, some prefer the afternoon, some prefer it all at once, and others prefer separating tasks or rooms over multiple days. We find that it’s easiest to clean how you like to clean!
  2. Use eco-friendly cleaning agents and high-quality cleaning products.
    • A home is only as clean as its cleaner, and one of the best ways to ensure a clean home is by using the appropriate tools. High-quality cleaning clothes, polishers, vacuums, and more will do a much better job than cheaper alternatives made of the incorrect fibres. This is one of the areas where our team at Miraculous Maids suggests splurging a little and getting those great cleaning products that will make the job easier!
  3. Keep the inside of your appliances clean.
    • Though you may think that you’re productive by loading the dishwasher and laundry machine consistently when is the last time you stopped to think about the cleanliness of the inside of these appliances? Your laundry is only as clean as your machine, and if you’ve left it with water in it or damp clothes for a while, it has the potential for mould and mildew to gather. So make each of your appliances a good wipe down on the inside and out to keep a consistent clean!
  4. Complete laundry throughout your cleaning day! 
    • Thankfully, with laundry machines’ technology, we can throw most loads in and walk away and complete other tasks. This is a great time saver, and it’s important to utilize this where you can! Before you start your first cleaning task, throw in a load of laundry to wash while you’re busy. Once you’ve finished a room or task, chances are the load will be done, and you can either hang it to dry or throw it in the dryer (as well as throwing in another load, let us be honest, not many people can only do one load a week).
      This will help you feel more productive in your cleaning efforts as not only will you get your bathrooms cleaned, but you will also get a couple of loads of laundry, and your bedsheets did as well!
  5. Don’t let one room or task consistently slip.
    • Everyone has that one room or a certain cleaning task that they don’t LOVE to do. For some, it’s cleaning the bathrooms; for others, it’s mopping the kitchen floor. Our tip here is not to let this task be put at the bottom of your cleaning list and have the potential to slip consistently and be pushed back to the following week. Staying on top of your cleaning list is one of the best tasks our cleaners at Miraculous Maids can give.

Are you ready to grab your gloves, clothes, and cleaning supplies? With these tips from our Miraculous Maids, we hope you have a new cleaning motivation to get your home looking its very best! Ready to check into a local maid service near you? Our team would be happy to provide you with a quote and go over your unique cleaning needs. 

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