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6 Reasons You Should Add Carpet Cleaning Services to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

One of the things we do best here at Miraculous Maids is reminding you of cleaning tasks that shouldn’t be ignored… and getting them done for you! Carpet cleaning is one of those tasks that’s easy to neglect, especially because it needs to be done by the professionals. However, it’s incredibly important to the general cleanliness of your home. Carpet cleaning services can benefit you, your family, your pets, and your home in many ways. Today, we’ll take you through six reasons you should add carpet cleaning services to your spring cleaning checklist this year.

1. Carpet cleaning services will reduce allergy symptoms indoors

Listen, as Edmontonians, we understand how rough the spring season can be for people who suffer from regular allergies. From the snow mold to pollen and everything in between, the outdoors can bring stuffy noses and swollen eyes to the best of us. Here at Miraculous Maids, we don’t want you to have to experience these annoying allergies inside your home as well. Even with regular vacuuming and cleaning of the floors in your home, allergens such as dust, dirt, and bacteria can build up in your carpet. You shouldn’t have to experience congestion and other allergy symptoms inside your home when you already have to deal with them outside. By getting professional carpet cleaning in Edmonton, you’ll be able to greatly reduce allergy symptoms inside your home. When you rid your carpet of allergens that you’ve tracked in from the great outdoors, you’ll be able to make your springtime experience an even more enjoyable one!

2. Carpet cleaning services will make your home smell a lot more fresh

Have you ever walked into a home or apartment and been hit by a stuffy, musty smell? Yeah, we unfortunately have too. That smell typically comes from the carpet (before it’s been professionally cleaned by our miraculous maids). Scents and odours can easily get caught in the fibres of your carpet over time, especially during the winter months. Although in the warmer months, people typically have air flow from windows and doors being propped open, it’s not the same in winter. With less air flow but just as many smells in your home, your carpet can begin to pick these up. Sure, in the moment your curry dinner or salmon lunch can smell amazing. But… after mixing together and sitting for months or even years on end, they won’t smell as great. If you’ve tried febreeze, candles, incense, and more and can’t seem to kick the musty smell, carpet cleaning services are the answer you’re looking for. Professional carpet cleaning machines will thoroughly reach between each fibre of your carpet, pulling out the spills and smells. What will you be left with, you might ask? A carpet and, therefore, home that smells astronomically better than it did before.

family in living room and kids laying on carpet for family movie night
Family movie night is better with clean carpets!

3. Carpet cleaning services will brighten up your space

If those oh-so-satisfying before and after pictures of carpet cleaning services have taught us anything, it’s that dirty carpets are almost never the same colour as their clean counterparts. Over time as dirt, dust, and grime build up in your carpets, they can get a lot darker and can make your space more dull overall. When large elements of your space such as your walls or floors become lighter, your space will also become brighter and more welcoming. With Miraculous Maids’ Sparkling Carpets, your space will go from drab to radiant.

4. Carpet cleaning services will improve the air quality in your home

Although we mentioned allergens above, dirty carpets can actually cause much more serious respiratory problems and health conditions as well. When the dust and allergens that are embedded deep in your carpet become airborne, they can get into your lungs, your family’s lungs, and your animal’s lungs. Over time, breathing this contaminated air in can have negative long term effects on your health. As gross as it is, mold can actually begin to grow in your carpet when stains, spills, dirt, and more get stuck in it. This can cause asthma, coughing, skin and eye irritation, congestion, and other symptoms. Rather than risking these health conditions that can become quite dangerous over time, it is highly important to get your carpet regularly cleaned. Thorough, professional carpet cleaning services will remove the spills, stains, dirt, and dust before they have the chance to turn into dangerous mold or bacteria. The hot water that professional carpet cleaning technicians use will kill any bacteria that’s accumulated, eradicating the health risks associated with a dirty carpet.

5. Carpet cleaning services extend the life of your carpet

Not only can dirty carpets negatively affect you and your family, they can also cause deterioration over time. The dirt and grime particles can actually get into the tiny fibres of your carpet and can break them down over time. We’ve all seen carpets that are raggedy and have split/broken down fibres sticking out here, there and everywhere. This deterioration occurs when there is constant traffic on the carpets while they are full of dirt and dust. As this dust and dirt rubs back and forth, it splits the carpet fibres which makes your carpet look and feel much worse. At the end of the day, this will leave you with the time-consuming, expensive task of getting your carpet replaced years and years before you should have to. Keeping up with professional carpet cleaning services a few times a year can greatly increase the lifespan of your carpets, saving you time, money, and hassle. Clean carpets last longer! But, simple vacuuming won’t do the trick.

family laying side by side on a professionally cleaned carpet
Make your home a more enjoyable place with professional carpet cleaning!

6. Carpet cleaning services will reduce the chances of ‘lanes’ in your carpet 

Everyone knows those ‘lanes’ in your carpet that occur in high traffic areas. The couch to kitchen trail, the bottom stair to top stair route, and your cat’s favourite passage to their bird watching spot can all be spotted by lanes in your carpet. As endearing as your kitty’s lane can be, it does actually represent a worn down, low quality carpet. These lanes are darker, more worn down, and overall dirtier. Don’t let your guests spot the high-traffic areas of your home within seconds of entering it! Getting professional carpet cleaning services done regularly will let you enjoy plush, bright carpet fibres on every square inch of your carpet. It will also make your home look better for longer on a bigger scale.

If it’s been a while since your last professional carpet cleaning service, we hope that this blog has encouraged you to book your carpet cleaning in Edmonton soon! We want you, your family, and your pets to get to experience carpets that look, feel, and smell great and will last you for years to come. 

If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, give our miraculous maids a call today at 780-702-5387 to book in! We’re already looking forward to helping you out.

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