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Top 10 Cleaning Supplies: Recommended by Cleaning Professionals

If you’re embarking on a cleaning adventure in a fresh space or aiming to enhance your routine cleaning at home, certain items are must-haves for your periodic cleanup routine. As your trusted local house cleaning professionals and drawing from our wealth of cleaning know-how, we would like to lend a hand and compiled a list of the Top 10 Cleaning Supplies to Have at Home! 

Some of these cleaning essentials might already be part of your collection, but in case a few are amiss or you’re eyeing an upgrade, we’ve tossed in some practical recommendations.

Now, let’s jump right in!

magic eraser on the left and brush on the right
Left: Magic Eraser. Right: Scrub Brush.

Let’s kick off with the one and only Magic Eraser – consider it the superhero of cleaning, tackling dirt and grime with the force of a bull, minus the need for any chemical sidekicks. This cleaning maestro comes to life with just a splash of water, activating its superhero-grade cleaning powers. The real magic? It’s a versatile tool that fearlessly takes on any surface! From stubborn hardware to those sneaky nooks, the oven’s greasy mess, the fingerprints on the glass window, and even the accidental coffee spill on the leather sofa – dirt, meet your match! This right here is the undisputed champion of cleanliness!

When it comes to tackling a dirty battlefield, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get ready for some heavy-duty scrubbing. Our cleaning maids are always armed with a variety of scrubbing brushes, each with its own specific purpose and designated for different areas to steer clear of any cross-contamination chaos.

Now, let’s talk about the buzz on social media about the Scrub Daddy sponge. Honestly, we were a bit hesitant at first, but it’s become a handy sponge to have at home. Especially when it comes to scrubbing in the kitchen – think stovetops and sinks. It’s a soap-saver, needing just a bit to create a mountain of foam for effective cleaning.

And if manual scrubbing feels like too much effort and too dull for your liking, there’s this new viral trend with electric cleaning brushes. Picture this – a self-spinning motor-powered handle with interchangeable scrub heads. Typically, these packages come with 6+ brush heads, each ready to take on a different cleaning task. These brushes do the scrubbing automatically, leaving you with the simple task of holding on while they work their swirling magic. Cleaning just got a whole lot more hands-free!

a scaper on the left and a squeegee on the right
Left: Plastic Scraper. Right: Squeegee.

Our cleaning pros swear by this one. Picture this: you’re facing the aftermath of a dinner experiment gone wrong, a pot playing host to a sticky situation, a pan boasting a burnt badge of honor, and a stovetop turned into a caked dirt battlefield. Oh, and let’s not forget the mirror that’s seen one too many soap and toothpaste spills or the bathtub corner resembling a cluttered shampoo apocalypse.

Enter the plastic scraper, your hero in these messy sagas. It’s the ultimate sticky stuff annihilator without laying a scratch on your surfaces. No need to risk a scratched-up pan, a table looking like it’s seen better days, or your paint job going AWOL. Pro tip: steer clear of the metal ones; you wouldn’t want a kitchen tool leaving a mark that lasts longer than your cooking mishap memories. Stick with plastic ones.

No doubt about it, this thing is a total must-have for any household! Whether you’re dealing with windows, mirrors, or any smooth surface, the squeegee is your trusty sidekick. It wipes away the mess without a single trace left behind! Now, here’s the pro tip: if you want that clean to be streak-free – and who doesn’t? – always make sure that one end of the squeegee is pointing skyward, cut in at a slant, and follow the classy “S” cleaning route. This simple move turns your cleaning routine into a smooth, mark-free dance with the squeegee leading the way!

microfibre cloth on the left and vacuum with multiple nozzle on the right
Left: Microfiber Cloth. Right: Vacuum with Multiple Nozzles

Here’s the deal with microfiber cloths – they’re just better than your average cloth. Why? Because these guys grab onto dust and grime way better. Those tiny fibers really get in there, making your surfaces cleaner and shinier. It’s like regular cleaning but with an upgrade – simple and effective!

It’s a smart move to have a high-power vacuum with multiple nozzles either at home or in your shopping cart. The powerful suction is a game-changer for tackling dirt, and those multiple nozzles? They’re the secret sauce for reaching every corner. You can use this one machine for the sofa, the ceiling corner, under the fridge – just change the nozzle, and the powerful suction will do the trick, making all the dirt disappear with superior deep cleaning power.

A steam mop on the left and a broom with the dustpan on the right
Left: Steam Mop. Right: Broom with Dustpan.

Imagine kicking the old-school bucket and mop routine to the curb – this dynamic duo is the modern-day cleaning dream team! Just spray or steam clean the floor as you go, no fuss. Plus, the steam adds an extra punch, melting away invisible dirt and sanitizing as it glides.

It’s always handy to have a broom and, most importantly, a dustpan at home. The recommended routine is to sweep first before vacuuming and mopping the floor to collect large pieces of trash, food chunks, hair, etc. You’d be surprised by the frugal yet powerful cleaning prowess of a simple broomstick! 

a spray bottle on the left, a toilet brush on the right
Left: Spray Bottle. Right: Toilet Brush.

A must-have in your cleaning arsenal! This gem lets you mix and match cleaning solutions to fit your needs, plus it’s the maestro of even solution distribution. Spray away, target those messy spots, and conquer your cleaning with precision!

This thing means business! With strong scrubbing power and tough bristles, it takes on toilet stains like a pro. No messing around—just a clean, stain-free throne —to do your business :D.

That’s the list of Miraculous Maids’ recommended Top 10 Cleaning Tools to Have at Home! Do you have any handy tools that you prefer but didn’t get mentioned here? Comment down below!

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