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Miraculous Maids was established in March of 2021 to help provide homeowners in our local community with superior cleaning services.

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Celebrating Miraculous Maids’ Biggest Wins of 2022 So Far

Last week, we had the realization that we’re officially halfway through this year – 2022. As wild as this realization was, it also provided our team the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve accomplished. 

Although not all of our customers may know this, Miraculous Maids was actually founded on April 7th of 2021. That means that our team of miraculous maids has only officially been in business for 1 year, 3 months, and 1 day. 

Not to toot our own horn but we’ve accomplished a lot in those 456 days. We have gained many recurring residential cleaning customers, worked with some amazing property managers in Edmonton, and made numerous homes miraculously clean. 

Yes, we’ve accomplished a lot through all 456 days, but, the last 6 months have brought about many of the big ones. In today’s blog post, we’re going to highlight and reflect on some of our biggest wins of 2022 so far. Let’s celebrate together! We’re very happy you’re here to do so with us.

Miraculous Maids Wins

1. Acquired 100 amazing recurring clients 

One of the biggest wins that we’ve had throughout the first half of the year is hitting 100 great new recurring clients! Recurring maid services is one of our most popular offerings and is something we love providing. These weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings that we provide give us the opportunity to let our valued customers consistently come home to a clean home.

Although we love doing any miraculous cleaning that we can, our recurring clients have a special place in our hearts. Our team of miraculous maids gets the chance to create meaningful relationships with our clients as we return to their homes again and again. We get to know them and their families and become a helpful, positive force in their household. 

Having 100 recurring clients has not only been amazing because of the relationships but has also significantly grown our business as a whole. As a newer, local business, having 100 clients that choose us again and again for their cleaning services is huge. We truly can’t thank you enough for coming back to and supporting our team again and again. 

Despite the growth that the future holds for us, we’ll never forget the impact that these first 100 recurring clients have made. We appreciate you more than words can express!

happy people in a clean home
We love letting our customers come home to a clean home consistently!

2. Our new Brand Manager: Jaci Pelley 

Jaci Pelley, our new Brand Manager has been an absolutely incredible addition to Miraculous Maids. Jaci brings spunk, spirit, and sparkle to her role as Brand Manager. She has brought the team together and continuously improved the processes and procedures in the Miraculous Maids business. 

As Brand Manager, Jaci not only focuses on helping the team of Miraculous Maids to provide the highest quality cleaning services possible, but is also ready to drop everything and help out whenever needed. She prioritizes customer satisfaction and strong team communication. 

Miraculous Maids truly wouldn’t be the same without Jaci and her bubbly personality. When you chat with her, she’ll never forget to tell you to have a miraculous day! Make sure to say hey and tell her thank you for all she’s done next time you speak with her.

Our miraculous Brand Manager, Jaci!

3. Expanded our team of miraculous cleaners by double

Speaking of our incredible team, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to expand our team of cleaners and help them grow their skills as cleaners and their people skills. 

Increasing our team of miraculous cleaners from 6 to 15 has given us the chance to increase how many miraculous cleanings we can provide on a daily basis. However, it has also helped us to provide meaningful work opportunities for women in our community. 

Empowering and supporting women is of the utmost importance to us here at Miraculous Maids and we have truly loved doing that over the past 6 months specifically by adding to our team. 

Due to the nature of our recurring clients, we’ve also had the pleasure of helping our team of miraculous maids to build and grow their customer relationships. 

We often have customers return for recurring services and request specific maids as their cleaners. The high level of cleaning expertise, the amount of care, and the specific attention to customer service that we have helped our miraculous maids to develop are all major contributors to this. 

Not only do we empower and support our miraculous maids to clean effectively, we also help them to have customers asking for each of them by name. We’re so thankful for the hard work that each and every maid puts into their work and the dedication that they have to making our customers’ experiences miraculous every single time.

We have a great team of miraculous maids that has expanded this year!

4. Added two specialized floor cleaning services to our offerings 

Since January 2022, we have started offering both carpet cleaning services and specialized hard-floor cleaning and shining services. We added these services as a way to round off our cleaning offerings and be able to truly do it all for our valued customers. 

Carpet cleaning was something that many of our customers were looking for, particularly for move-in cleanings and move-out cleanings. Rather than leaving you, our valued customers, without an essential cleaning service as part of your moving cleaning, we decided to add it! 

We also added carpet cleaning services and specialized hard-floor cleaning and shining because they are not cleaning tasks that people can DIY! These floor cleaning services require specialized tools and techniques that our team has perfected. 

Our team of miraculous maids aims to be as highly skilled, knowledgeable, and well-rounded as possible and adding these specialized services has helped us in these regards.

carpet being cleaned professionally
Carpet cleaning is a specialized floor cleaning service that we added to our services this year.

5. Worked with some amazing organizations in Edmonton

Throughout the past 6 months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a few incredible organizations here in Edmonton. We’ve provided cleaning services for them and their members and helped advance their amazing initiatives. 

As a member of the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies, investing in our community and working with organizations that are focused on improving our community is critical to us. Along with our monthly Charity Day initiative where we donate 5% of the sales from the last Thursday of each month to a local charity, we look for other ways to invest in our community. 

Working with Women Building Futures, Christenson Communities, and Inside Education has given us the chance to do so! 

Women Building Futures helps women in our community to get employment training and opportunities as well as affordable housing. Being able to help Women Building Futures help the women in our community has been incredibly fulfilling for us here at Miraculous Maids. 

Additionally, providing thorough cleaning services for Christenson Communities has helped us to support and work with the seniors in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. What a rewarding experience!

And last, but certainly not least, Inside Education, a local non-profit organization, has also become a client of ours in the past six months. We highly value education and supporting younger generations to build successful, fulfilling futures. Being able to clean for Inside Education has been another major win for Miraculous Maids this year.

We love contributing to our community and helping those within it in any way that we can!

Ah – there we have it. A fun, sentimental, celebratory look at the first half of the year for Miraculous Maids. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and our brand thus far this year and thank you in advance for the future support as well. 

We can’t wait to see what the second half of this year holds for the Miraculous Maids team! We’re confident that the meaningful connection, miraculous cleaning quality, and amazing team will continue to grow and expand for the rest of this year and beyond. 

Thanks for celebrating with us today! Make sure to check back again at the end of the year for another fun recap and celebration. 

Also, if you have a few minutes, feel free to check out some of our sister companies’ wins from thus far this year on their blog pages! 

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