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House Cleaning Cost FAQ: Why’s Her Quote Lower Than Mine?

In cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, the need for professional house cleaning services remains a constant throughout the year. Homeowners often find themselves juggling daily responsibilities while striving to maintain a clean and welcoming home environment. Whether it’s managing a busy schedule, accommodating family needs, or keeping up with regular upkeep, a reliable house cleaning service becomes an invaluable asset in maintaining your home’s cleanliness and comfort.

You likely have a preferred house cleaning company in your locality, one you enthusiastically recommend to friends, neighbors, and family. However, have you ever encountered this puzzling scenario? You recommend your trusted house cleaners to a neighbor, whose home is similar in size to yours, yet her cleaning quote is significantly lower. This surprising difference might leave you questioning the consistency of your favored cleaning service.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Let someone take the cleaning tasks off your shoulders, so you can enjoy more peace at home.

‘How much do cleaners charge in Vancouver?’ ‘What is the going rate for house cleaning in Calgary?’ ‘How much does it cost to clean a house in Edmonton?’ These are common questions among homeowners who are trying to understand and budget for cleaning services in these bustling cities. It’s important to delve into the factors that determine cleaning service pricing. Professional cleaning companies consider a variety of elements when providing a quote. It’s not solely about the house size; aspects such as the current cleanliness level, homeowner’s habits, family members, pets, and unique features of your home’s interior also play critical roles. In this article, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the myths of cleaning costs, how cleaning quotes are calculated, and more. Now, let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions for Cleaning Costs:

The time it takes to clean a house can vary as much as the homes themselves! Determining an exact duration for cleaning your space isn’t as straightforward as saying “3 hours” or “5 hours” because every home is unique. Factors that impact the cleaning time include the level of cleanliness already maintained, whether there are pets that might add to the cleaning workload, and the type of cleaning required—be it a light tidy-up, a thorough deep clean, or a specialized move-out clean.

 At Miraculous Maids, our cleaners focus on cleaning rather than tidying. We don’t rearrange personal items and avoid moving objects over 50lbs for our maids’ safety. For best results, we recommend organizing your space before our visit.

We calculate cleaning costs based on the entire scope of work rather than an hourly rate. This method ensures efficiency and thoroughness, as it allows our teams to focus on delivering comprehensive cleaning without the constraints of time. We believe this approach provides better value and results for our clients.

After the Q&A section, we’ll explore the major factors that affect the price of a cleaning job. Below are the six factors we consider. Keep reading!

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Always ask what is included in your cleaning appointment.
  1. Current State of House:

Our clients in Edmonton are quite familiar with our cleanliness scale, which ranges from 1 to 5. A rating of 1 implies an immaculately clean house, while 5 indicates a house that is a complete disaster and requires extensive cleaning efforts. For houses in Edmonton of similar sizes, a higher cleanliness rating correlates with a higher cleaning cost. This is because more effort and time are required to bring a house rated 4 or 5 up to our standard of cleanliness.

  1. Smoker in the House:

The presence of smokers in a home is a significant factor influencing house cleaning rates in Vancouver. It’s not just about the odor; smoking indoors often leads to ashes embedded in carpets and smoke stains on walls. Cleaning teams would need to invest extra time and effort in thoroughly vacuuming the carpets and employing specialized solutions with additional strength for the wall washing process to tackle these stains. Such an expanded scope of work invariably leads to an increase in the cost of cleaning.

The pricing structure of carpet cleaning might be different than normal house cleaning.
The carpet could be unimaginably dirty if you have pets and don't wash it regularly.
  1. Presence of Pets or Small Children:

Our furry friends and little ones are beloved members of our families, but they do add to the complexity of cleaning tasks. For households with small children, it’s crucial to maintain clean and sanitary play areas, and to perform a thorough cleanup of spills and crumbs to ensure a healthy environment. Pets, on the other hand, contribute their share of fur, hidden food bits, and sometimes, unfortunate accidents with lingering odor on carpets. Our team is committed to thorough cleaning to safeguard your health and prevent cross-contamination. We can only do this effectively if we’re informed about the presence of pets and children in advance.

With that being said, a household with 2 loving adults could potentially receive a lower price for their cleaning job than a big family with 3 lovely kids, 2 dogs, and 1 cat, even if the sizes of the homes are the same.

  1. Size of House and Type of Home:

Now, we come to address the size of the house. The size of your home and its structural layout are crucial elements in determining the cleaning services rates in Calgary. Two homes might have the same square footage, but their structural differences, such as the number of stories or the presence of a basement, can influence the cleaning cost. A bungalow, for example, generally requires less time to clean compared to a multi-story house. Adding a finished basement into the mix further increases the area to be cleaned, thereby impacting the overall price.

A maid cleaning the inside of a window.
Some cleaning packages cover the cost of cleaning interior windows, while others do not.
  1. Number of Specific Rooms:

Beyond the total size of the house, the number of rooms, particularly bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, plays a significant role in determining cleaning costs. Different types of rooms require different cleaning techniques and tools. Additional features like extra kitchen bars, extra living space like a den, or elaborate bathrooms with features like jacuzzis can add to the cleaning time and effort, thereby affecting the cost of the cleaning.

  1. Count of Windows:

Windows are an essential aspect of house cleaning that is often overlooked when estimating the scope of a cleaning job. No professional cleaner would feel comfortable leaving a house with a dozen dirty windows. At Miraculous Maids, we count and include interior window cleaning as part of our deep cleaning package. The number and size of windows, especially larger or floor-to-ceiling windows, are taken into account when calculating the total cleaning cost. Don’t worry, we have everything that is possibly needed to perfect the cleaning of those windows. While the impact of the number of windows on the overall quote for the cleaning job is not as significant as other factors, it is still an essential consideration. 


Understanding these various factors can illuminate why there are differences in house cleaning rates and quotes across Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. It’s not solely about the size of the house; it’s about a combination of several considerations. With Miraculous Maids, you are assured of receiving cleaning services that are not only tailored to your specific needs but also transparently priced, with each factor clearly noted on your quote. We strive to provide the best cleaning services in these cities, ensuring your home is sparkling clean and ready for any occasion.

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