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Our Cleanliness Level Scale Explained: How Clean Is Your House?

When you call us up to inquire about getting our Miraculous Maids to come clean for you, one of the first questions that our Customer Success Team will ask you is ‘How clean is your house right now on a scale of one to five?’ 

We often have customers express that they’re not quite sure where to rate their home’s current cleanliness level. So, today we wanted to take you through and explain our cleanliness level scale!

Before we get started, we want to make sure that you know that we are a judgement-free cleaning company. When our team asks you about the current level of cleanliness in your home, we are not doing so to judge you in any way. Instead, by asking, we are simply aiming to get the scope of work that will be needed to get your home sparkling clean! 

As we’ve explained in this previous blog post, we base our pricing on scope of work, current level of cleanliness, and the size of your home. By doing so, we are able to provide you with the most accurate, fair pricing and let you know how long our maids will need to clean your home. 

Let’s dive right in. 

The Cleanliness Scale

For your home to rate as a 1 on our cleanliness scale, it has to be extremely clean. To be honest, it’s very, very rare for homes to rank as a 1. A home that is a 1 is cleaned on a daily basis and has very little dust, dirt, or grime throughout it. These types of home will require a small amount of time and attention from our Miraculous Maids.

Homes that rank as a 2 on our cleanliness scale are typically cleaned on a weekly basis and are not very dirty. Instead, they have a very normal amount of dust and built up dirtiness from the week. As a 2, a home will seem regularly lived in but won’t be noticeably dirty beyond that. Many more of our customers’ homes rank as a 2 on our scale.

A 3 ranking is also one of the most common among our customers. Homes that rank as a 3 have only been cleaned every few weeks/every month in the past. These homes are quite dirty and require a deep cleaning from our Miraculous Maids to get them back in the best condition. In these homes, floors need to be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped, bathrooms are quite grimy, there is a lot of dust built up, and more.

Homes that rank as a four are very dirty. They have only been cleaned every few months, if that, and have a lot of dust and dirt built up throughout them. Homes like this often have many pets and children in them on a regular basis, creating that extra bit of mess. These homes require a very deep cleaning from our Miraculous Maids team and will be priced higher. If a home ranks as a 4, it will also demand much more time from our maids, meaning that your cleaning service will take longer.

If your home ranks as a five on our cleanliness level scale, we typically won’t send our Miraculous Maids there to clean. These homes typically require demolition, insect extermination, or other extreme services and are not something that our Miraculous Maids take care of. Homes that rank as a 5 are extremely dirty and can actually become a health and safety issue for our maids, hence why we will not provide cleaning services in them.

Thanks for reading this blog! We hope that it helped you have a better understanding of our scale and how we create scope of work for the cleanings.

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