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Top 5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips from Professional Cleaners in Edmonton

Our team of Miraculous Maids has many, many years of combined experience in the cleaning industry. Each day, our team of professional cleaners completes around 15 cleaning jobs. That’s around 3,750 cleaning jobs per year (if we’re not counting weekends). With this much experience under their belts, they’ve found some brilliant cleaning hacks and solutions. 

After trying and testing techniques and products for years, they’ve discovered some pretty handy cleaning tips and hacks. Today, these oh-so-generous professional cleaners were gracious enough to share their top 5 bathroom cleaning tips!

If you end up using any of these cleaning industry hacks, make sure to let us know! We’d love to hear your success stories with these amazing cleaning techniques. Let’s dive right in!

1. To clean hard water stains…

person cleaning bathroom tap with yellow cloth and blue gloves
Goodbye hard water stains!

We all know the all too familiar look of hard water stains on glass shower doors and metal taps… ew. Even though the stain is just from water (which isn’t really that dirty), hard water stains can make your bathroom look super grimy. 

After testing many different cleaning solutions and products, our team of professional cleaners has discovered that toilet bowl cleaning solution works wonders on hard water stains! With a good dollop of toilet bowl cleaner and a solid scrub brush, you’ll be able to have your metal taps, handles, and other detailing looking good as new in no time.

2. To get shiny surfaces in your bathroom…

Check out those shiny surfaces!

Although a clean bathroom doesn’t technically mean a miraculously shiny bathroom, no one will complain about the shine! 

For those twinkling, shiny surfaces throughout your bathroom, our team of professional maids suggests an interesting mix. To get the perfect solution, create a paste using Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and a small bit of water. 

Once you’ve created this miraculous paste, scrub all surfaces with it. Then, wipe it off and spray all bathroom surfaces with vinegar. Scrub the surfaces again, rinse them with water, and then dry them using a microfiber cloth. 

If you use this solution and this cleaning technique for each surface in your bathroom, from granite to laminate to tile to stone and more, your bathroom will look like it’s straight out of an interior design magazine!

3. To clean the bowl of your toilet…

Toilet bowl, meeting toilet cleaning bomb.

Make a toilet cleaning bomb! These quick and easy toilet cleaning bombs will let you prep ahead of time to make your bathroom cleaning go quicker and require less elbow grease. 

The recipe is as follows:

In a bowl, combine 2 cups of baking soda and ⅓ cup of liquid soap. Mix these ingredients together. Form small, palm sized balls of this mixture and then lay them out onto a baking sheet. Let them dry for 2 hours. And voila! Your toilet cleaning bombs are ready. 

When it comes time to clean, simply add some vinegar into your toilet bowl and drop a toilet cleaning bomb in. Let this sit for a few minutes while you complete a different task in your bathroom cleaning checklist. Then, simply use your normal toilet brush to give your toilet a nice scrub down. Flush to rinse, scrub the bowl down again, and flush once more. And you’re done!

Your toilet bowl will be cleaner than ever with less effort than ever.

4. To get calcium build up off of stainless steel hardware…

calcium-free shower head with running water
Get calcium free shower heads in no time!

Similar to hard water stains, calcium buildup can make even the cleanest bathrooms still look dirty. Calcium build up is particularly common on stainless steel hardware such as shower heads, taps, and handles in your bathroom. It’s tough to clean, but our miraculous maids have found the trick! 

White vinegar and water have the power to remove all calcium build up from your stainless steel hardware. Soaking stainless steel hardware (where possible) in vinegar and water will help remove the stains and get those details of your bathroom looking extra nice. If a soak isn’t in the cards, simply use vinegar and water as your cleaning solution to scrub with.

Calcium buildup can be the worst on shower heads specifically. To get these calcium-free, simply remove the shower head, soak it in white vinegar, reattach, and run hot water through it to flush it out. You’ll be shocked by how effective this method is! 

Note: For brass shower heads, make sure not to soak them in vinegar for more than 30 minutes to maintain the integrity of the metal.

5. To thoroughly clean grout…

person cleaning grout tile with scrubby brush wearing pink gloves
Scrub away the dirt, mold, and dust from your bathroom's grout.

For your average, run of the mill dirty grout, our team of miraculous maids has found that warm water and a decent scrub down with a medium bristle brush will do the trick no problem. 

But, sometimes grout can get heavily stained or even become moldy. Again, a small detail in your bathroom, but a very important one that, when clean, can make a world of difference. 

When warm water and a medium bristle brush doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, our professional cleaners like to opt for a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. With a good brush, this mixture, and a little bit of elbow grease, they’ve found that stained and moldy grout simply doesn’t stand a chance. 

Once you’ve scrubbed, simply rinse the grout with warm water to leave it free of product and there you go: clean grout!

Bonus: To find cleaning inspiration and tips…

person scrolling through instagram on their phone
Find cleaning inspiration online!

If you want bathroom cleaning inspiration or are looking to find new cleaning tricks, we’d definitely suggest giving some professional cleaners a follow on your favorite social media platform. 

Satisfying cleaning videos seem to have taken over Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok over the past few years. Professional cleaners, cleaning companies, and even just people who enjoy a clean home have been sharing their specialized, tried and true practices online. 

Next time your aimlessly scrolling on social media, trying checking out hashtags like #cleaningtips #satisfyingcleaning and #cleaningmotivation! 

When we chatted with our team of professional cleaning experts, they suggested a few of their favorite cleaning accounts: 

Thanks for reading our bathroom cleaning tips blog today! Make sure to give these cleaning hacks a try and let us know how they go for you.

For more cleaning tips, make sure to check out this blog every month! Have a miraculous day!

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  • Cleaning Professionals Edmonton
    August 10, 2022

    Baking Soda can remove stains, soap scum, toothpaste and sticky hair! Rinse the sink, then pour enough baking soda in the sink to make a thick paste. Next using a soft cloth or sponge scrub a little to clean the sink. Afterwards, run the water for a shiny sink. This is safe for steel and porcelain sinks.


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